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Why Chess KLUB?

We help students learn LIFE LESSONS through the game of Chess and become better human being. We give them an environment where they can learn, compete and grow at their own pace.

Accomplished Coaches

We have a strong team of FIDE, National, International & Grand Master coaches

Access to FREE Practice / Tournaments. Upto 70 hours per month



Every student will have access to regular feedback, game analysis, progress report etc.

Continuous Engagement

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1. Take the FREE Orientation

2. Enroll the Student

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The CHESS KLUB Advantage

✅ Experienced & Accomplished Coaches

✅ Flexible Timings

✅ Highly Affordable Plans

✅ Robust Online Community

✅ Customized Training Program

✅ Theoretical & Practical Approaches to the Game

✅ Regular Online Tournaments

✅ Coaching through Game Analysis & Puzzles

✅ Monthly Progress Reports

✅ Dedicated Student Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Chess KLUB for?

Chess KLUB is for any one willing to learn the game of chess as a leisure activity or to take part in competitive chess.

What is the minimum age to be a student?

At Chess KLUB we accept students who are 5 years or older.

What are the levels of classes that are available?

There are primarily 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In the Beginner level we teach the basics of chess, in the Intermediate level we teach Chess tactics and more…and in the Advanced level, we teach various Chess Strategies for the students to take their game to the next level.

How do I know which class I should opt for?

If you do not know chess, you will be at the Beginner level. If you already know chess, then we will assess where you stand and let you know which class you should opt for.

How many classes do you have per month?

At all levels, we will have minimum 4 hours of coaching classes per month and upto 70 hours of optional practice/tournament every month.

What is the duration of each coaching class?

Each coaching class is 1 hour

How does a typical class look like?

A typical class will have 10-12 students. The class will consist of game analysis, theory or puzzles classes,

How soon can I join?

Once you’ve registered, we will let you know of your class start date. Individual classes start immediately. Group classes happens within the first 10 days of registration or as part of a new batch.

Do you give homework?

Yes, this will depend on the level where you join. Beginners tend to have less homework and those in Intermediate & Advanced levels will have more complex homework/ puzzles to solve.

Is there a curriculum?

Yes, we do follow curriculum for each of the levels.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, we will have options for you to do make up lessons or recording of the video.

How do I schedule a make up lesson?

All our classes have multiple options to pick from. If you miss one class, you can come to any of the classes that are happening on other days within the same week.

Who are your coaches?

The Chess KLUB coaches come with years of experience in Coaching. Many of our coaches have played at the national as well as international levels. They are certified or accomplished coaches with titles ranging from CM, FM, NM, IM & GM

Can I pick my coach?

Unfortunately, not at this moment. Depending on the day you choose to come, we will have a coach assigned to you

What are the prices of each levels of classes?

Details of pricing can be seen here –

Group Coaching :

Private Coaching:

What are the student member benefits?

Please take at look at The CHESS KLUB Advantage Section

What are practice/tournament schedule?

Starting Jan'21, we will have tournaments every day of the week.

Will you provide coaching during practice classes?

There will be coaches available onsite during the practice hours to provide guidance. However, there will not be dedicated coaching. Students are free to seek guidance from the coaches.

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